Veramar Vineyard – Wine and Cigar Pairings

The Bogaty family has traditionally hailed from the Italian Alps where, even today, extended relatives of the Bogaty family still own and operate a small vineyard. Two generations after Ludwig Bogati immigrated to the United States, James “Jim” Charles Bogaty decided it was time to return to his family’s roots.

Three generations of the Bogaty family, Jim and Della, along with their son, Justin, daughters Tiffany and Ashley, and numerous grandchildren continue the legacy of the family’s tradition of excellence in winemaking.

Being a family-owned winery absolutely affects our winemaking and viticulture practices. As a family-run business, we put the long-term interests of future generations above short-term financial gains. Veramar’s success is measured by generations, rather than by numbers in quarterly reports.

Red Wine Pairings

White Wine Pairings



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Promoting Wine and Cigar Pairing – A Civilized Indulgence