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Cigars for the Opportunistic Cigar Smoker

We want to carry cigars that are approachable by novice cigar smokers and aficionados alike. To that end, we offer The Panacea Cigars from The Flat Bed Cigar Company. These cigars are Mild to Medium is strength with interesting and complex flavors that lend themselves to beverage pairings. Each cigar has unique characteristics that lends itself to pairing with a different type of wine. We have prepared this visual to assist either the beginning cigar smoker or the aficionado in finding the perfect cigar.

Garanimals for Cigars

Garanimals is the name of a line of children’s clothing that uses animal characters, called Garanimals to assist children in choosing their own wardrobe. We have borrowed the term to describe our process of grouping our cigars and their flavor profiles by color. If you see us at a festival you will find that our cigar boxes are marked with color-coded price tags that refer to the banner above, making it easy for the beginner cigar smoker to find exactly the right cigar to match their flavor profile.

Purchasing the Cigars

The Cigar Blend Name (i.e. Black Natural) is a link that will take you to our SquareUp store where you can purchase the cigars. All can be purchased in as few as 4-cigar packages and many can be found in samplers containing more than one blend or more than one size for sampling purposes.

Try our Wine and Cigar Pairing Sampler for an opportunity to see how each of our cigars complements the wines as described below.

The Cigars

(The Bolded Vitolas (size) are my personal favorites in the blend.)

The Black Natural

Black Natural Torpedo

The Black Natural is our mildest cigar. It is mild and creamy and we liken it to smoking a latté. We call it The Breakfast Cigar because it is so mild that you can walk to the lake at 5:30 a.m. and watch the sun come up smoking it before breakfast. That’s mild!

For those of you into the details, The Natural has Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights in the filler, the binder is Dominican and this cigar is finished with a beautiful Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper. Strength is mild and it has a rich and creamy body (flavor). This is a great cigar with an Oaked Chardonnay.

The Robusto is a nice 35 minute cigar that highlights the flavors; the Torpedo and Toro add about 10 minutes to that; and the 560 Grande offers a more balanced and milder flavor profile.


Oaked Chardonnay – Rodney Strong, Acacia, Cakebread
Beers – Sweeter ales and lagers, Michelob, Honey Browns
Low acidic coffee
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The Black Maduro

Black Maduro Toro

This is our second mildest cigar. It is mild and nutty, toasty and earthy. The Brazilian wrapper will give you a hint of sweet molasses. I find a pleasant fungal flavor much like that of sautéed mushrooms.

For the Cigar Geeks: Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights make up the interior, the binder is Dominican covered with that sweet and spicy Brazilian Maduro wrapper. Strength is mild to medium-mild, with a full body. I like this cigar with lighter bodied red wines like Pinot Noir and Cab Franc. It is also great with medium brown ales.

The Robusto and Toro give you the full nutty flavor and the 560 gives you great balance. The 760 is known as the “Big Easy” and is a truly elegant cigar. Our new Twisted Hitch may be my overall favorite.


Pinot Noir, Cab Franc, Patagonian Malbec, Burgundy
Nut Brown Ales – Smithwick, Sam Adams, Legend Brown, Yeungling
Islay Scotch
Tawny Ports
Smokier Bourbon – Jim Beam, Jack Daniels Black,
Nuttier-flavored Brandy or Cognac
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The Red Habano

Red Habano 760

The Red Habano is our strongest cigar yet it is only considered to be  a “Medium” according to Cigar Journal. This is an elegant cigar that has received our highest ratings. It has a luscious fruitcake spiciness that offers hints of candied fruit. It is rich and full flavored and, especially in the bigger ring gauge Grandes (560, 660 and 760) is very smooth and balanced. It is a beautifully constructed cigar that stays lit, burns consistently, and offers up copious amounts of smoke.

It has a Brazilian maduro wrapper with a beautiful, slightly oily appearance and Habano binder around a blend of Seco Cubano, Ligero Piloto Cubano, Ligero Olor Dominicano, and Ligero Nicaraguan. This is an ideal pairing with a full bodied red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel or Petit Verdot. It is also great with Bocks and Stouts.

The Classic sizes (Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, etc) are bolder while the Grandes (560, 660, 760) have a more balanced flavor. The 760 Peacemaker is CigarVolante’s Number One selling cigar and I smoke more of these than anything.


Full bodied red wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, Shiraz, Merlot, Petit Verdot
Ruby Port
Stouts and Bocks – Guinness Stout
Fruity-Sweet Bourbon – Woodford Reserve, Evan Williams, Knob Creek
Fruity Sweet Cognac and Bourbon
Speyside Scotch – Balvenie Doublewood, Glenmorangie, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich
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The Green Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Green PA Broadleaf Torpedo

The Green PA Broadleaf is unusual as it has an acidity that is uncommon in cigar tobacco. It has a sweet toasted walnut flavor with a crisp grassiness that offers up a touch of mintiness. It is slightly milder than the Red Habano but, overall, has a milder flavor.

The Green is triple Ligero (Piloto Cubano, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaragua) filler wrapped in the most beautiful PA Broadleaf you will find. The Binder is Cuban seed Habano grown in the Dominican Republic. This is the cigar that sets us apart as it allows us to pair with acidic white wines like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and steel-aged Chardonnay. It is the right cigar to smoke with an IPA.

The Torpedo is my favorite vitola in this blend. The Robusto is a great Gin Martini cigar, especially with the Original Bombay, and the 560 is very nice with a Pinot Grigio who’s more delicate flavors aren’t overpowered by it’s more balanced flavor.


Acidic White Wines – Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Steel Aged Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
IPA, Crisp light ales and lagers
Hard Apple Cider
Gin, Vodka and clear spirits – Bombay Gin, Strange Monkey
Lemonade, Arnie Palmer, Acidic coffees
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The White Corojo

The White Corojo Bolt

The Corojo is our second favorite ladies’ cigar behind the Black Natural. The blend is balanced, and full, a nice leathery base with a touch of molasses or maple syrup sweetness on the top end.

The filler is Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero, Dominican Seco, with a Cuban seed binder. The wrapper…..a Corojo. This is the ideal cigar with a warm-climate Virginia Viognier and beers with malted barley. The Corojo highlights the caramel flavor.

The Bolt is a perfect short size. Any shorter and the cigar never gets started. Any fatter at this length and you never taste the wrapper. This is a fun little cigar that women are drawn to because of its less-imposing size and the touch of sweetness in the flavor. The Hitch Pin is a great, large cigar, the same size as the Twisted Hitch, and the Torpedoes are nicely balanced. Women like the Torpedo for the tapered end that does not feel so large in their mouths.


Warm-clime Viognier, Vidal Blanc and Petit Manseng
Highland Scotch
Dark Rum
Pear Cider
Harvest, Amber, Scotch, Irish or Celtic Ales with malted barley
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The Azul Cameroon

Azul Cameroon Pyramid

The Azul (Blue) has a beautiful Cameroon wrapper that is gorgeous to look at and even better to smoke. The Cameroon has a touch of fruity sweetness that you may even pick up on your tongue depending on the beverage you are drinking. The filler has a surprise, a touch of the Pennsylvania Broadleaf which gives it a crisp, clean “sweet-tart” taste that is very complex and a great cigar to smoke with complex beverages.

The filler is our signature Piloto and Olor ligero, Seco Cubano to which we have added a touch of Pennsylvania Broadleaf. It is a great pairing with Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Traminette as well as blush and rosé. It also pairs beautifully with Belgian ales and wheat beers.

The Pyramid is an ideal shape for this blend and the flavor is more pronounced through the second and final thirds. The classics, the Toro and Robusto, are the more balanced flavors in this cigar.


Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Traminette, French Style Rose’, Sangria
Wheat Beer – Blue Moon, Shocktop
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Kentucky Fire Cured

Kentucky Fire Cured

Chocolate, Molasses, Nutty, Sweet but not very, Campfire and Barbecue, Stout, Malty. You have to try this Fire Cured cigar. The sugars caramelize in the smoking process, but not too sweet. Think dark chocolate (not milk chocolate). Rich, “chuck wagon” coffee notes with plenty of billowing smoke.

Try pairing it with a Coffee Stout or a smoky Petit Verdot. It is also an ideal match for smoky sweet bourbons and Ryes.


Smokey-Sweet Bourbon – Ira B Hayes, Early Times, Bulleit, Elijah Craig
Canadian Whiskey / Rye Whiskey – Canadian Club, Crown Royal
Irish Whiskey – Jameson

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