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CigarVolante LLC offers wineries a means of differentiating themselves in the marketplace by promoting the combination of wine drinking and cigar smoking as aesthetics that have very similar characteristics. Both are about the flavor and experience, the experiences are described similarly in terms like “mouth feel,” “herbal notes,” and “full bodied.” We have introduced the concept that these can be combined to great success.

The cigar smoker is an ideal target market for a winery. Cigar smokers

  • are between 35 and 65;
  • have above average income;
  • have above average taste; and
  • are willing to invest 30 minutes to an hour to enjoy their indulgence, usually with a beverage, in this case, your wine.

No one is offering the service that we offer nor understands this niche marketplace as we do. Cigar stores sell to cigar smokers. We sell to wine and beer drinkers; opportunistic cigar smokers. A cigar smoker buys a cigar and chooses a beverage to complement the cigar. The opportunistic cigar smoker chooses a beverage and may choose a cigar to complement the beverage. We know how to pair our cigars with your beverage.

We charge nothing for our services, relying on the success of the sales of our cigars in your winery for our return. To that end we provide you pairings and a pairing sheet that you can print as necessary for distribution to your patrons, and the ability to purchase our brochures at our cost. We would also include you on our website and in all of our marketing information. (See an example here.) We are highly visible and an association will assist you in differentiating yourself from the hundreds of wineries now in Virginia.

Getting Started

We start the process by pairing your wines and our cigars, tasting the wine and smoking the cigars together. This generally involves sitting down with your wines and our cigars and doing the work. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it.

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Three years of pairings with some of the best wineries in Virginia has given us a good sense for generic pairings. There are exceptions but we find that these work 70-80% of the time and are a great way to introduce people to wine and cigar pairings at festivals and events.

Cigars usually deliver next business day if ordered early enough to allow us to hit post office deadlines. Less than box quantities ship from my stock here in Palmyra and full box orders ship from Yardley, PA. When we get to box-like quantities I will suggest modifications to box quantities.

We offer display humidors should you need one to facilitate the display of the cigars. These are the Display Humidors that you can see here.

The kits are convenient because they have all of the humidification, lighters and cutters included. I sell lighters like these for $10 and cutters for $2 so you have $100 in lighters at retail reduce your effective cost. I also have a couple of videos on YouTube that can assist you in the setup. It is really quite simple.

And, we are prepared to support you if you choose to go BIG! We can provide you with an “Old School” Humidor FREE with the purchase of our full line of cigars. Contact me for more details

For more information please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. It also includes my phone number if you would prefer to call.

In indulgence,

Ron Barker
CigarVolante LLC

Promoting Wine and Cigar Pairing – A Civilized Indulgence