Loudoun Valley Vineyards – 2014 Wine and Cigar Pairings

Bree Ann and Cameron Moore of Loudoun Valley Vineyards

Loudoun Valley Vineyards is the dream of our Winemaker Bree Ann Moore. Bree Ann Moore learned as a child while visiting wineries with her family in Sonoma County that wine was an art, made from the land, the fruit and the hands of the winemaker. Now as one of Virginia’s Premier Vintners Bree has taken what she has learned from her experiences growing up in Sonoma County and her education at UC Davis to create some of the finest wines not only in Virginia but also in the Country. Loudoun Valley Vineyards is now her home where the vineyards gently sloping fields and breath taking views inspire Bree’s passion for wine.


Red Wine Pairings


White Wine Pairings