Fabbioli Cellars – Wine and Cigar Pairings

 Melanie Natoli and Doug Fabbioli of Fabbioli Cellars
Fabbioli Cellars is a business and a concept that has been in the works for over 30 years. When we moved to California in 1987, we had in the back of our minds the idea that we could find a piece of land and grow some grapes. It sure sounded easy back then! Kids, life, careers, land prices, cash flow and family steered us back East in 1997. We knew that the idea would not work for us in CA, but our time was well spent in gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to make it happen in Virginia. 


Dry Wine Pairings

Off-Dry Wine Pairings

Sweet Wine Pairings


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Promoting Wine and Cigar Pairing – A Civilized Indulgence