Cigar Bar for Your Wedding or Special Event

Congratulations! Let your special guests toast your event with a celebratory cigar! A cigar bar adds a touch of panache to your wedding or event and CigarVolante, sponsor of the Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail, is the right organization to provide the perfect solution.

keswick cigar barMost people at weddings are “Opportunistic Cigar Smokers,” people that are not regular cigar smokers but do enjoy them at the right event; like your event. Unlike cigar stores who cater to those regular cigar smokers, we have the right cigar and approach to assure that the casual smoker is made to feel comfortable about the experience, assuring that their enjoyment is maximized. We cut and light every cigar, offer Cigar 101 short courses, use our experience with wine and cigar pairing (see for details) to assist your guests in finding just the right cigar. Also, our cigars are mild-medium strong that will not overpower the novice smoker (or your women smokers) but have enough flavor to satisfy even the most discriminating aficionado.

What We Will Do

CigarVolante requires 2, 4 x 8 tables decorated by you or your wedding planner to complement the décor of the wedding. I will anticipate that the location will be prepared and that all we need do is set up cigars and our accessories upon arrival. I would suggest that the setup be in an area near where drinks are being served and in an area that allows smoking so that we will be able to light the cigars for your smokers.

We would be at the site in advance of the wedding and/or reception and will plan to be set up and prepared before the event begins. We will plan to provide cigars, cutting and lighting them for your guests and will be prepared to provide “Cigar 101” introductions to novice cigar smokers as well as cigar and beverage pairing recommendations.

We generally anticipate offering cigars for approximately 2-3 hours during your reception or until there is no further demand for the cigars. For these services, I charge a flat rate of $100 plus $10 for each cigar cut and lit for your guests. Unless I am provided other guidelines by you I will cater to all requests. The $100 will be due at the beginning of the event. I will provide you with an accounting at the end of the evening and an invoice for the cigars shortly thereafter. That invoice will be due on receipt.

Alternatively, we can offer you cigars by the box that you can provide a la carte. The retail prices of the cigars are $8-10 each and I can provide a nice sampling in increments of 4 cigars per size and blend.

Contact us for additional information and to schedule your event.


Promoting Wine and Cigar Pairing – A Civilized Indulgence