Welcome, Wisdom Oak Winery

Welcome to our newest winery, Wisdom Oak Winery in North Garden, VA. Jerry and Melanie Blais' mission has been: to grow high quality grapes that can produce exquisite varietals of which are appealing to the casual wine friendly consumer, and equally respected by a connoisseur of fine wines. They also love cigars. Look for some fun things regarding this winery this year starting with a Wine and Cigar Pairing event at the winery on Father's Day.

The Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail

Drinking wine and smoking cigars are similar aesthetics, marrying a combination of sensations; the bouquet of the wine, the room aroma of the cigar, the feel of a dry wine or a rich smoke in your mouth and the complex flavors as they play on your palate. Combine these with the camaraderie that goes along with their enjoyment and you understand the foundation for The Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail™.